THE FUSION OF EMOTIONS WITH TECHNOLOGY We take immersive realities a step forward by injecting technology with human emotions
EXPERIENTIAL CAN ONLY BE CREATED THROUGH ART We collaborate with artists to increase the human value of entertainment technology
THE GAMIFICATION OF BRANDS we maximize interactivity between consumer and product

Mixed Realities (MR) are the blending of the physical world with the digital world.
They are the future of entertainment technology, brand identity and product marketing.
They allow to experience physical reality juxtaposed with a computer - generated reality.
So far, most of these experiences are the result of highly creative engineering paired with the most powerful computing technology.
In most cases, the results are beautiful, but void of human interaction and emotion.
Our mission at ERA is to add emotional values to these experiences.

Content production
and editing

Apps and Experiences
Technical Development

Marketing, accountability
and CSR consultants

Fashion – Motorsports – Luxury
Street Art – Digital Art - Sustainability

Production management

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