Peter Mann


Successful businessman in commodities trading, Peter Mann is an art passionate and a Ferrari enthusiast. As a motor racing aficionado, he’s the incarnation of self-reinvention. At 56, he changed his life and made his dream come true by stepping on the gas in the racing arena. Surrounded by the sound of an engine’s symphony, his first race was the 24 hours of Spa, winning it in 2014. Behold a self-made man fuelled by motivation and inspiration.

Rachel Sebban

Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder of Jérôme Dreyfuss brand, Rachel Sebban’s DNA runs on power and wonder. Symbol of a step forward businesswoman, she started her career as a chief legal officer and then made her mark in the luxury fashion industry. As a real-life talented wonder woman of the modern world, success grows where Rachel goes.

Salvatore Mandrà

Chief Marketing Officer

Salvatore Mandrà accomplished a rich career as a sponsoring manager, specializing in Ferrari partnership. Driven by creativity, he was rewarded by BMW group as the best European concept launcher of Serie 7. He jumped into the field arranging the legendary match between Maradona and Pelé opening the UEFA euro. Urban in his core, ecological in his spirit, he co-founded an athluxury eco-friendly brand. From sustainable to soulful, he dedicated himself to NGO’s mercy ships in Africa.

Luca Babini

Chief Creative Officer

Luca Babini is a renowned fashion photographer and filmmaker, honored with many awards. Since April 2016, he started combining street art and sustainable development to awake a brand new conscience. As a photographer, eco-adventurer and street artist, he stands at the frontline of raising environmental awareness. In collaborations with UNICEF or on the PLASTIKI expedition, he stands out from the crowd as a believer, a maker and a darer.

Erin Ko

Co-founder, Creative Director of ERA

Erin Ko tells stories through a mix of traditional art making methods with new technologies; often to address our complicated love/hate relationship with technology. Ko’s interactive art plays with Mediated Reality, Collective Consciousness and Layered Experiences. She is classically trained and has worked in video games and new media. Ko’s work has been exhibited and enjoyed internationally.

Alex Chouls

Co-founder, Chief Technical Officer of ERA

Trained in film and the visual arts, Alex finds interactive entertainment to be uniquely challenging and rewarding. His twin passions are creating engaging interactive experiences and building tools that empower other creative people to realize their visions. Alex started his game industry career at Looking Glass Studios, and has enjoyed many roles over the years: 3d modeler, animator, lead artist, technical art director, A.I. team lead, game director, creative director of Blue Fang Games, and co-founder of Hutong Games. Alex is the creator of Playmaker; the wildly popular plug-in for Unity3d.

David Zellerdorf

ERA Senior Content Producer

David’s work has been seen by millions on every continent (except Antarctica). He is the creator of award-winning narrative, documentary and special event films He has a reputation for creating stories that connect brands to consumers in the digital and branded spaces. David has overseen production and delivery on nearly every size of creative scope and budget and has conducted workshops and has been on guest panels in Filmmaking, Digital Media and Branded Entertainment at film festivals and institutions including UCLA and his alma mater NYU. David is a member of the Directors Guild of America in the Commercials category and serves on the Documentary Council of the Producers Guild of America.

Annamaria Laurini

ERA Social Mission Consultant

From 2010-2015 Annamaria was the UNICEF Representative in Lebanon where she led planning, implementation and monitoring of country activities and emergency interventions for Lebanese , Palestinian and Syrian refugee women and children. During this period she scaled up UNICEF resources from $2.5 million to $253 million in operating capital and human resources from 17 to about 200 staff. She was also responsible for expanding the number of NGO partners from 14 to 47 increasing the partnership value from $ 5,91 million to $87 million.

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